How to Remove Clutter from Your Home

How to Remove Clutter from Your Home

How to Remove Clutter from Your Home

Decluttering requires time, effort, and tons of decision-making. However, having a checklist will help you eliminate the mess easily. It will also free up some of your mental bandwidth so you can focus on what to keep and what to toss. And you won't be as easily sidetracked by all the distractions in your environment. But to create a checklist, you need to be aware of the decluttering methods.

Decluttering Methods

If you have looked at ways to declutter your home, you have likely come across these two primary approaches: compartmentalizing (room by room) or categorizing.

The former involves going through the process room by room or sections of a room. Then, examine the contents of each room thoroughly and declutter accordingly. But the latter (known as the KonMari approach) involves grouping things into distinct categories. For example, if you choose "clothing", you are supposed to gather all your clothes from different parts of the house into one location before you declutter. You can combine these two methods or use only one of them.

Take Inventory

Remember compartmentalizing? Now's the time to get it done. Get a pen and paper and begin touring the house, room by room, cataloguing every piece of furniture, article of clothing, piece of makeup, and piece of electronics.

When you've finished compiling your list, head back to your desk and cross off anything that doesn't belong there. Next, determine the function of each space and cross off any checklist items that don't fit with that function. Your checklist is ready for use at this point so let's move on to step three.

Clear Away the Clutter

Now that you have your list, you can go back to each space and begin eliminating the mess. Get rid of everything that you didn't check off on the list. Take it all out. These items can be given to friends, given to a good cause, sold until they're gone, or even burned.

Be sure to check your closets as well. Get rid of the clothes you haven't worn in a long time and the ones you don't plan on wearing again.

Rearrange Your Spaces

Create a fresh and open atmosphere by rearranging your furniture. Put things where you can quickly retrieve them. Place all books in their proper places on the shelf, and arrange toiletries in an orderly fashion on the vanity.

You should relocate the medicine cabinets and first aid supplies to the bathroom and return the children's toys to their bedroom. Only keep the things on your nightstand that you need right next to you when you go to sleep.

Throw Away Outdated or Expired Items

A simple way to declutter is to remove any outdated or expired items from your home. Organize your pantry by throwing away any expired food items and remove any medications from your pantry that have older dates. These are simple tasks that can declutter certain spaces in your home that can easily become overwhelmed with clutter.

Arrange Trash Removal

Bulk trash is not appealing or easy to get rid of. When you are decluttering your entire home, you should consider a dumpster rental to simplify the removal of junk when you are done. Our roll off in Kissimmee can make your job cleaner, safer, and simpler all around.

When it comes time to declutter your home, you will want to consider ways to remove bulk trash, as this can be a messy job. Contact Wasteville for a roll off in Kissimmee to make your job much easier and cleaner today!

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